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Our Stone Inventory

Natural stone are classified according to their mineral content and process of formation. These can be identified by their color, hardness and crystal formation. At Armina stone you will likely to see various colors of stone and there are vast varieties of colors. All the stone will look similar but they are actually different. Armina Stone provide you stone which are characterized by durability, strength, hardness, appearance, weight, compactness etc. which will perfectly fit your requirement.

There are varieties of stone which are used by architects or interior designs to decorate the house or in construction of building. Armina stone specializes in providing you the fabrication of Natural Stone and we are pleased to offer the services in Pittsburgh and other surrounding communities. There are various colors of natural stone and marbles which are available here at Armina Stone and you are sure you can find the right stone for your projects or home.

We have everything from basic stones like Santa Cecelia, Verde Butterfly and Uba Tuba, to amazing exotics like Blue Bahia, Opal White Quartzite, Lemurian Blue Labradorite; a number of truly beautiful marbles including Calacatta Extra, Calacatta Borghini, Striato Olimpico, Calacatta Lincoln and everything in between. Besides these stone we have gemstone, granite, onyx, quartz, quartzite and soapstone.

We can also fabricate a number of quartz: Caesarstone, Hanstone, LG Viatera and Samsung Radianz, just to name a few. In addition, Armina stone offers a quality line of Stainless Steel sinks and faucets prodcucts by Allora USA. Unlike some fabricators, Armina Stone also carry a line of mosaic tile for backsplashes and have some samples on display in our showroom.